NFT Collection

The collection of digital artworks in the NFT format is the most top-rated and sought-after area nowadays, the beginning of the world of digital art and the development of a new cultural environment.

It is a great opportunity to support talented content makers – children and teenagers from all over the world, who are united by creative development in different directions.
Children are granted an opportunity to show their best works in competitions and to become the designers of their own first collections.

All works are converted in a digital form – NFT tokens. Collections of the Generation Alpha are made up of them and are exhibited on well-known online platforms for further sale and promotion. NFT technology guarantees the uniqueness of copyright.
Our support will allow Generation Alpha to boost themselves and to become their best version and maybe even go down in history along with Pablo Picasso, Donatella Versace, Elton John and many others.
Each of you has a chance!
What is a NFT Collection within KidDid Art platform?
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